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Dirt got you down? We’ll get rid of it and make you smile with our pressure washing services. We clean exteriors of residential & commercial buildings. This includes home exteriors, decks, benches, driveways, and so much more!

With J-Works you are supporting more than just a local, you are supporting your community! Follow along and watch as Jeff Paul, 8th grade teacher in Bettendorf, show his students what it means to be an entrepreneur AND more importantly, give back to the community! At J-Works of Bettendorf, we happily serve the Quad Cities & surrounding areas.

House in Suburb

Your home is your castle. And sometimes your castle gets dirty. But not to worry: J-WORKS has the residential pressure services you need to make that castle gleam again.

There are many exterior surfaces to your home, all with unique cleaning needs and unique challenges. The good news is that our residential pressure washing services can help with all of them. After all, a clean house is instant curb appeal. Our team at J-Works will work with you on the particular needs for you and your home to get it looking its best again! 



Your commercial building and property are investments. And each of those properties has unique needs. Whether your building is large or small,  J-WORKS of the Quad Cities can cater solutions to you. 

We go the extra mile to ensure we know every last detail of the job so you get the results you are looking for. By listening to you and understanding your property, we can create an accurate quote for your exact needs and get your property the attention it deserves! 




Your deck is your entertainment, relaxation and play space. Of course you want it to look fabulous! With living in the beautiful Midwest things like dirt, grease, grime, and algae are all inevitable so trust the professionals at J-WORKS to bring your decks and patios back to life! Call today for all of your deck cleaning needs! We don't just offer professional washing either, we go the extra mile and finish the job. We provide any staining, and restoration services for wood and concrete surfaces of all kinds.

What We Offer

Jeff Paul

Proud Father to a son and a daughter, as well as Pleasant Valley 8th Grade History teacher and all around passionate guy! Jeff Paul started J-Works through his own example of teaching entrepreneurship to his students through Junior Achievement Program. He has inspired many people to pursue their goals of entrepreneurship including his own children, who manage their own pet sitting company. Jeff Paul does everything with hard work and determination and J-Works has shown that consistency throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding areas!

"I have taught an entrepreneurship curriculum for 8th grade students for many years which factored into my decision to start a pressure washing company. 1. Is there a need? 2. Are you passionate about the service? YES to BOTH!" - Jeff Paul

J-Works owner, Jeff Paul, has found this opportunity to help bring his family as well as his employees through the pandemic while using this company as a way to give back to our community. Follow him throughout his journey here or on Facebook!

Donations to Date



J-Works Community Donations include:

Matt Jackson Racing, Cedar Rapids Food Pantry, Boys and Girls Club of the Cedar Valley, iHope Foundation, Getting Heroes Home, Batting for Brian, Arrowhead Ranch, Barnstormer Baseball Club, Iowa Impact Softball Club, Lonnie Rays Youth Basketball

Donations to Date
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